Special Edition 2020 eNewsletter

This eNewsletter is published twice a year by the Far West Athletic Trainers’ Association for its members. Information contained in this newsletter or to submit articles/ideas, please contact the FWATA Newsletter Editor and District 8 Secretary, Cindy Clivio MEd, ATC at fwatasec@gmail.com

Lyn Nakagawa MS, ATC, CSCS

The past few months have been very challenging for us all as we all continue to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent events shedding light on the racial inequality and injustice for Black people in America.  It’s times like these that I look to my AT family for support and guidance, so having both the NATA Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposia in Atlanta and the FWATA Annual Meeting in Kona cancelled, is even more heartbreaking.  I will truly miss the opportunity to reconnect with friends, colleagues, and all athletic trainers throughout the district, and to catch up on the past year.  I encourage you to take a moment and reach out to anyone you feel may need some extra support during these difficult times.  Also, I would like to ask if you could take moment to reflect on FWATA members who have passed away this year.

One of the things I will miss most about not having the NATA Annual Meeting in person is not having the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of some of our members.  Congratulations to our 2020 NATA award recipients including Carolyn Peters (Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer), Jason Bennett and Reid Takano (Athletic Trainer Service Award)!  The bright side is the NATA has paused Honors and Awards for the year so we will have the opportunity to celebrate with them next year in Orlando.  Despite not having an in person meeting, you will still have the ability to earn 25 CEUs, 5 of which are EBP, through the upcoming Virtual NATA on July 13-16.  There will be some live, synchronous events in addition to on-demand educational events.  Registration is now open and more information, including a preliminary schedule, can be found at https://convention.nata.org/.  Also, don’t forget elections for the next NATA President will occur in July.  There will be a Facetime event during the VNATA to listen to the candidates one last time, or you can cast your vote before that.  There have been several question and answer sessions with both candidates over the last few months that have enabled us to get to know both candidates and better understand their platforms.

FWATA members and athletic trainers across the country were looking forward to our Annual Meeting in Kona in July and it was a difficult decision to cancel it.  Although I know it was the correct decision, it is still very disappointing to not have the opportunity to welcome members to Hawaii.  I would like to send a special thank you to Ruem Malasarn and the Annual Meeting Committee who have worked tirelessly to transition the FWATA AMSC from an in person event to a virtual opportunity for our members.  Stay tuned for further information regarding this event.  I also want to extend a huge thank you to Dennis Goebel for his amazing work in planning the Annual FWATA Paul Schechter Memorial Scholarship Golf Tournament.  Despite the tournament being cancelled, he still secured sponsors who graciously supported FWATA scholarships, enabling us to continue to award our scholarships this year.  Thank you Dennis!

As we start to look to the future, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for some of our leaders for their service to FWATA and the profession.  I would like to recognize the following outgoing FWATA committee chairs- Chase Paulson (Secondary Schools Athletic Trainers Committee), Claire Stovall (FWATA Student Leadership Committee), and Kara Radzak (Young Professional Committee).  Also, other members who served as FWATA Representatives to NATA committees include Tami Vahalik (Committee on Professional Ethics), Chris Schmidt (Education Advancement Committee), Melissa Montgomery (Professional Development Committee), Jodi Dickert (Professional Education Committee), and Caleb Rogers (NATA Student Leadership Committee).  Thank you for your service and representing District 8!  I would like to welcome the following members who will be stepping into those spots- Mark D’Anza (Secondary Schools Athletic Trainers), Kevan Murgia (FWATA Student Leadership Committee), Sanam Rezazadeh (Young Professional Committee), Matt Quijano (Committee on Professional Ethics), Tricia Kasamatsu (Education Advancement Committee), Leslie Cardoza (Professional Development Committee), Stephanie Moore (Professional Education Committee), and Emily Gahn (NATA Student Leadership Committee).  I am so excited to have them on board and know they will continue the great work on behalf of FWATA.

I want to thank you all for everything you do promote and enhance the profession of athletic training on a daily basis.  I am constantly inspired by the actions of our members and am so proud to call myself an athletic trainer.  Please do not ever hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.  Remember to take care of yourselves and your loved ones and I look forward to the opportunity to see you all in the near future!

Cindy Clivio MEd, ATC


Both NATA and FWATA membership numbers have seen a decrease this year. NATA had a decrease of approximately 4000 members and FWATA is down 233 over this month last year. We have been anticipating a decrease in the student membership with the transition to the Masters entry level and certainly with the economic crisis a decrease for 2020 into 2021 is not unexpected.  Our membership retention still exceeds industry averages for healthcare professions. The NATA District Secretary and Treasurer’s committee  along with our NATA Membership Department continue to evaluate the benefits we offer to provide  you the most value.


Speaking of  membership value, providing an outstanding education program has always been a priority of our district. This has not changed even though we are not able to offer an educational program in person this year. Understanding the challenges many are facing, the FWATA Managing Board approved providing our FWATA  district members with a considerable discount for our upcoming FWATA Virtual Symposia.  It will only cost $10 for members! We value your membership, your commitment,  and involvement. We hope you continue to be the reason why D8 is great!


The NATA Clincal Symposia & AT Expos is the premier educational event for athletic trainers. The 2020 Virtual Clinical Symposia & AT Expo will provide the same innovative and captivating convention experiences that attendees of the in person event have come to expect. No matter where you are you can attend VNATA. Enjoy the esteemed lineup of thought leaders and the latest in product, research and clinical development all from the comfort of your home or office. Attend VNATA live July 13-16 and on demand through Sept 10, earn up to 25 CEU’s in total including 5 EBP CEU’s. Don’t miss this great opportunity.


District Director—Congratulations to our incumbent Lyn Nakagawa who is unopposed for reelection as our District Director.

District Treasurer—We have 3 candidates for District Treasurer, Michelle Cleary, Kavin Tsang, and Garvin Tsuji. Their platforms are included in this newsletter and will be posted on our FWATA website. Elections will open in July with a 30-day voting period. Please take a few minutes to review the platforms and exercise your opportunity to vote.


NATA has a Covid-19 Resource Center. It is continually updated with guidance, statements, and chats. You will find it at nata.org under the Health Issues section.

As previously announced, this is an election year for District Director and District Treasurer. Lyn Nakagawa was unopposed for District Director and will serve a second term.  We have 3 candidates for District Treasurer.  Elections will open electronically in July and will be open for 30 days. You will receive instructions for voting in a separate email.


  • Lyn Nakagawa, MS. ATC, CSCS
    Aloha! Serving as your FWATA District Director the past 2 years has been an amazing, fulfilling, and incredible experience I am truly honored to have had the opportunity to do. It has provided me the unique ability to directly interact with athletic trainers throughout the district and represent the members while serving on the NATA Board of Directors. It has been a tremendous responsibility that I have taken very seriously and am excited for the possibility to continue in this position for a second term.
    The opportunity to serve as your District Director for another few years is important to me as there are still some things I would like to accomplish in my tenure. These past couple of months have been challenging for all athletic trainers due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent events stemming from racial injustice. The ability to work with the FWATA Managing Board and the NATA Board of Directors to support the profession remains an important goal. I am committed to advocating for all athletic trainers and providing the support and resources they feel are necessary to achieve their goals as a professional and individual.
    Building connections and relationships is something I strongly believe in and it has been I have deliberately worked on to develop within our district. I feel these relationships are the foundation to enhancing the profession and enabling every athletic trainer to be the best health care provider they can be. Not having the opportunity to see each other in person in Atlanta or Kona this year is unfortunate, but our ability to adapt to connect and support each other has been inspiring. We have found new ways to support our patients through telehealth, we have expanded the reach of the profession by taking on new roles in our jobs, and we have been in an important role of planning a safe return to work, school, and athletics.
    I honestly believe that since I have been your FWATA District Director, the passion and enthusiasm I have gained from being surrounded by other inspiring athletic trainers has helped me to become a better athletic trainer, a better person, a better mentor to students, and a better leader. I have always been a proud member of District 8 and being able to lead and represent the athletic trainers in this district has truly been an honor and privilege. I am grateful for the support and trust I have received from members the past couple of years, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve another term as your FWATA District Director.



The role of Treasurer for District 8 is essential to the well-being of our organization. If elected, I will use my professional experience managing funds for multiple grants, particularly from my time in Florida where I managed 15 graduate assistants, their stipends, and their tuition payments. Further, my experience as Chair and a long-standing member of the FWATA Research and Grants Committee had responsibilities that included distributing grants to institutional offices for external grant funding. Finally, on a personal level I have been involved in financial management of a successful investment portfolio that includes stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and certificates of deposit. I am eager to continue to stay involved and engaged at the District level as I have been for the past 13 years. I will continue to give to the Foundation as I have been doing regularly for at least the past 5 years. Giving back to the profession has always been important to me personally and professionally. If elected as FWATA Treasurer, I will continue the sound fiscal responsibility that our organization deserves.


“FWATA strives to improve the quality of health care for athletes, patients and clients and enhance the profession of Athletic Training, through leadership, education, and cooperative efforts with other organizations and allied health professions.”

In addition to the administrative functions and responsibilities of each board position, the overarching charge of the Managing Board is to steward efforts aligned with the objectives provided in the statement above. Heading into my twenty-seventh year as a member of NATA (sixteenth in FWATA) it has been rewarding and enriching to experience first-hand how the profession has evolved in our district as well as the broader national and international landscape of health care and healthcare providers. Throughout this time, I have become even more committed to the practice of service and being a part of something bigger. Now than ever, equity, inclusion, decency, accountability are values that should steer our decisions, practices, and actions.

In being accountable to the membership and to itself, it is important for the Managing Board to assess where, what, and how resources are committed to advancing education and professional development. Collaboration with external partners and stakeholders is critical and will afford new ideas and strategies. Through these efforts, not only do we improve the quality of care provided to our patients, we simultaneously advance the respect and value of the athletic training profession.

Inherent to the constituents that make up District 8, diversity of culture, of gender orientation, of community and social character are ever present and bountiful. This breadth provides the district an invaluable platform to address issues of equity and inclusion not just in how we practice healthcare but also within our membership. Through leadership that is collaborative and intentional, experiences in D8 can serve as a catalyst of betterment within each of our members and the communities in which we live.


I currently serve as the Hawai’i representative to the Managing Board and have a few months left in my tenure. I have had the privilege of serving on the Board for the past 4 years and look forward to being able to provide a fiscally responsible voice as the Treasurer.
Few people know that prior to changing my major to Exercise and Sports Science, I was a Business Finance major and was on track to graduate after 3 years of school. However, after being injured in high school and not having an athletic trainer to help me with injuries sustained during soccer and baseball, I was drawn to help people involved with sports injuries which subsequently prompted my switch of majors to Exercise and Sports Science.
I am blessed to have been employed by different organizations, schools and companies that have allowed me to pursue my endeavors. Radford High School allowed me to be an Assistant Athletic Director that had direct involvement with budget requests and decision making. Additionally, Cade Medical has empowered me to not only work as a clinical specialist but also a sales representative for a territory that has nearly two million dollars in yearly sales.
Being intimately involved with the operations of FWATA has helped me gain an understanding of what the operations of the organization looks like. It not only excites me to be a part of a team that has a common goal but pushes me to excel at the highest level. I have served at the State, District and National levels and continue to enjoy giving back to the profession that has given me everything. By serving the profession, I have been able to meet people from around the country and continue to call them friends.
Thank you for your consideration.

Ruem Malasarn MA, ATC

Annual Meeting & Clinical Symposium
A virtual AMCS will be available and accessible to all members starting August 1st through December 2020. We have put together a dynamic 10 Category A CEU program to complete at your leisure after registration.  More information will be coming out soon regarding the specifics of registration and the educational programming.

Call for Proposals for FWATA 2021! The proposal submission site opened on July 1, 2020. The deadline to submit a proposal for FWATA 2021 is September 1, 2020.

Junior Domingo MS, ATC

Congratulations again to our 2020 FWATA Award Winners! These individuals exemplify the service to our district and advancement of the profession that all can follow.  We look forward to honoring our awardees at our next Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium in Las Vegas!

Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Awardee
Hazel Ando, MS, ATC

“Hazel has devoted her life to serving others whether as an athletic trainer, a medical professional, an athletics administrator, a mentor, or a volunteer. Her life’s work has impacted thousands of people – student-athletes and colleagues alike.”
-Diane O’Brien
Executive Assistant to the Chancellor
University of California, Santa Barbara

Special Recognition Awardees

Mark D’Anza, MEd, LAT, ATC

“When I think of Mark and his dedication to athletic training, I often utilize the descriptive words passionate, hardworking, and a visionary … On top of his accomplishments, Mark still finds the time to be a leader of his peers.”
-Michael Sepiol, LAT, ATC
NvATA President


Leroy Heu, MA, ATC
“Only those who know how much must be done at our Annual Meeting are aware of how many things he handles without having to be directed. He has been a problem solver, an incredibly hard-working volunteer, and a great central pillar in our AMCS operation.”
-Ruem Malasarn
FWATA AMCS Committee Commissioner


On behalf of the Honors and Awards Committee, I would like to thank those that submitted nominations for this year’s awards. Also, thank you to the committee for dedicating their time.
Congratulations to our 2020 FWATA Award Winners!

Junior Domingo
Honors and Awards Chair

Katie Risso MAT, ATC, CKTP

General Update

The past few months have been a whirlwind and showed us how technology and social media can connect us even when we are apart. Keep a lookout for information on virtual events (including vNATA) on FWATA’s social media channels, as well as clips & highlights from those sessions after the fact. You can also follow us on Twitter (@FWATAD8), Instagram (@fwatad8), and Facebook (Far West Athletic Trainers’ Association)!

Make sure you add contact@fwatad8.org to your contact list to review our monthly e-mail campaigns. If you ever have any questions, suggestions, or information to share please contact us on our website or at fwatad8@gmail.com.

Jasmine Velasquez ATC, CTE Wins Excellence in Athletic Training Award

The Far West Athletic Trainers’ Association is pleased to announce the Spring Quarter 2020 winner of the Excellence in Athletic Training Award. This award is a unique and prestigious accolade, which recognizes a member of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association who displays an exceptional commitment to mentoring, professional development, and enhancing the quality of health care, as well as, demonstrates the highest level of service, professionalism, and competence.

This quarter’s winner is Jasmine Velasquez ATC, CTE. Jasmine is in her fourth academic year serving as an athletic trainer at Lawndale High School in California. Jasmine founded Lawndale High School’s Sports Medicine pathway with the Biomedical Careers Academy. She designed and implemented the curriculum taught by multiple teachers to prepare students for a career in sports medicine. She also works tirelessly to get guest speakers, field trips, and other opportunities for her students. Read more about Jasmine here.

NATA External Marketing and Public Relations Grant

The NATA offers a grant to financially support athletic trainers’ advocacy efforts to reach key external stakeholders. Currently the submission period for the grant is closed, and all NATA grant funds are on hold, but if you plan on submitting a proposal in the future, more information on the grant can be found here (you must be logged into your NATA account to view)

Juan Cuevas ATC

After carefully reviewing applications, the FWATA Scholarship Committee has selected the following well deserving scholarship recipients.  They have all managed to continually meet their perspective ATP academic and hourly requirements, along with fulfilling volunteer opportunities.  This COVID-19 pandemic did not allow us to gather together in Kona Hawai’i, but let it not keep us from honoring there hard working students and young professionals who are the future of our profession.

Hailey Jade Tuesday (University of Hawai’i): Lewis Crowl Scholarship
Grace Davis (University of Idaho): Jerry Lloyd Memorial Scholarship
Melissa Ramos (California Baptist University): CATA Scholarship
Ashley Marie Sink (University of LaVerne): Scott Sailor Scholarship
Joanna Janell Brazzle (University of LaVerne): Julie Max Scholarship
Derek Beeler (University of Hawai’i): Bill Chambers Endowment Scholarship
Josh Batshoun (University of Nevada, Las Vegas): Felix Rivera Memorial Scholarship
Claire Arellano (University of the Pacific): Gail Weldon Memorial Scholarship
Kevan Murgia (California State University, Long Beach): Daniel D Arnheim Scholarship
Jamie Choi Chee Sardinha (University of Hawai’i): Mark Ando and Ito Family Scholarship
Azumi Koyama (University of Hawai’i): HATA Scholarship

Sara Williamson ATC


COPA Committee is seeking members from all 3 states in all 10 settings:

  • Armed Forces
  • Community Outreach
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Industrial
  • Military
  • Occupational Health
  • Performing Arts
  • Physician Practice
  • Public Safety
  • Rehab

Please contact Sara Williamson at swilliamson@vallettaortho.com if interested.

Michael Barreiro ATC

The FWATA history and archives committee works diligently to provide the membership with a variety of visual representations of our district’s rich history. This year, our committee is focusing its efforts on the development of the first edition FWATA history book!

As a committee, we are excited to share that this project will cover the district’s memorable beginning as the Pacific Coast Athletic Trainer’s Association tracking significant moments throughout history leading up to its current state. This book will be on display at our new hall of fame booth by the 2021 AMCS! However, we are requesting that all members begin looking through their computers and photo albums and begin sending photos and any athletic-training related historical documents to our committee chair Michael Barreiro. Photos and documents should be scanned and emailed to barreiromichael@gmail.com or to Fwatad8@gmail.com

Please do not hesitate to reach out for questions. Thank you for your continual support and we look forward to seeing you all soon. Stay safe and best wishes!

Claire Stovall and Caleb Rogers

The Far West Student Leadership Committee has undergone a period of growth over the last few years with the 2019-2020 season being filled with its unique set of challenges. Our committee seeks to provide a voice to the students within our district and cater to their unique needs before they evolve into practicing athletic trainers. As we transition to exclusively Masters programs, the needs of our students have begun to change. Our application process, streamlined by our Nominations subcommittee, accepted 7 new members that will begin transitioning onto the committee over the month of July. This subcommittee was also tasked with developing topics for the student sessions at the in-person 2020 FWATA AMCS, which unfortunately was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

         Our Student Outreach subcommittee, primarily utilizing Instagram and Facebook as our social media platforms, were able to help reach a record number of students. Our social media presence included Student Spotlights, which were highlights of students who demonstrated exemplary leadership or received accolades from their peers, and our AT Interviews, in which ATs answered questions that our student members had that related to their clinical setting, how they became successful, advice for students and more. Our Student Leadership Subcommittee’s profile views have significantly increased throughout the year with the posts that highlighted athletic training programs and students attracting the most attention. Our Facebook page showed a positive trend of total followers and likes which we aim to continue to grow this next year.

Each year our Annual Meeting Subcommittee plans a student-centered event where students from across the district are able to connect with athletic trainers and fellow students at FWATA’s AMCS. This year we planned to change this event, previously known as the Student Leadership Breakfast, with the goal of creating an impactful interaction between students and athletic trainers. This subcommittee worked diligently to develop a proposal for a new mentorship program that would conclude at an event at AMCS. The idea was that prior to AMCS, interested students would be paired with an athletic trainer, who would be a mentor for the student becoming a valuable resource through their transition to practice (and hopefully beyond). Although FWATA’s in person AMCS was cancelled, we hope to be able to host this program in the future. With all of the changes that occurred because of this pandemic, our committee decided to provide a virtual event for students to still provide the opportunity for learning and networking. This will be a two-day virtual event for students to attend and will be run by students in the FWSLC. This program will contain guest speakers on a variety of topics; a Quiz Bowl like competition; and a culminating event to recognize the district’s athletic training class of 2020. Follow our social media for more information on Instagram @fwslc8 and out Facebook page Far West Student Leadership Committee.

Melissa Montgomery PhD, ATC

The R&G committee was happy to be able to host synchronous and asynchronous virtual Free Communications presentations this year in lieu of posters in Kona. If you weren’t able to join us for the live sessions on July 1st, the recording of the session will be available for CEUs as part of the virtual FWATA programming. Our pre-recorded presentations will also be available so check them out! A big thanks goes out to the authors who were willing to present in this new format. And a HUGE THANKS to the R&G committee members for putting in all the hard work that went into developing the forum for the presenters to share their research.

Brian Cable ATC

The College and University Athletic Trainers’ Committee functions to bring items of interest from our members to the NATA’s ICSM and to also disseminate information that is received from the ICSM to our members. This past year the ICSM has released a great deal of information to our members concerning a variety of topics and issues including the COVID-19 pandemic. Information includes the following:

  • Preventing Catastrophic Injury and Death in Collegiate Athletics
    • This document provides recommendations for safe sport participation including acclimatization periods, appropriate strength and conditioning session, proper use of sports equipment, and the reviewing of Emergency Action Plans.
  • Mental Health Toolkit
    • This document explains the roles of a variety of health professionals and how to assemble a team of Mental Health Care professionals.
  • Best Practices in the Implementation and Structure for Medical Care for College Athletes
    • Details the need for Collegiate Athletic Health Care Providers (athletic trainers and team physicians) to have autonomous medical decision authority
  • Return to Campus Recommendations for COVID-19
    • The intent of this document was to help individual institution create and implement a plan for the safe return to sports participation following the COVID-19 pandemic.

All of these documents are available for NATA members on the ICSM webpages.

The CUAT represents our members from the following governing bodies:


Chris Litt, ATC


Mission: The NATA Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors, aiming to identify and address issues relevant to the ethnically diverse populations to better serve the needs of both patients and fellow athletic trainers. EDAC advocates sensitivity toward cultural diversity, development of cultural competence within the profession and promotion of athletic trainers as leaders in issues related to cultural competence and professional diversity within the health care professions.

Meet your EDAC District 8 Chair & State Representatives:

Chris Litt, M.Ed., ATC – EDAC District 8 Chair
Chris currently serves as the Far West Athletic Trainers Association (FWATA) District 8 chair for the Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee (EDAC). Chris most recently worked as an Assistant Athletic Trainer with the Seattle Dragons of the XFL. Prior to this, Chris was the Associate Head Athletic Trainer/Head Football Athletic Trainer at the University of California, Davis. Chris has served as the Head Football Athletic Trainer at Old Dominion University, Head Football Athletic Trainer at Army West Point, an Assistant Football Athletic Trainer at the University of Arkansas and Head Athletic Trainer for the Colorado Rapids of Major League Soccer. Chris’ career began with internships in the NFL with the San Diego Chargers, Jacksonville Jaguars and at Jacksonville University. His first full time job was in the Arena Football League as the Head Athletic Trainer for the Colorado Crush. Chris earned his bachelor’s degree at San Diego State University and his master’s degree at the University of Arkansas.

California State Representative – Vacant Position
Those interested can contact Chris Litt, M.Ed., ATC at clatc3@yahoo.com

Erin Tillman, MA, ATC – Hawaii State Representative
Erin Tillman, MA, ATC joined the staff at the University of Hawaii, Manoa as an Assistant Certified Athletic Trainer in 2015. Her primary responsibilities are serving as the head ATC for women’s basketball and co-ed cheerleading programs.  Prior to Hawaii Tillman spent two years at the University of Nevada, Reno where she was the athletic trainer for the cross country and track and field programs. While there, she also earned her master’s degree in Educational Leadership for higher education.  Tillman began her athletic training career here in District 8 at Cal State University, Long Beach where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training in May of 2011. During her time at Long Beach State she worked at LA Harbor college, LA Southwest college and with Long Beach State men’s basketball program. In 2010 she joined the Los Angeles Sparks as an intern for two seasons.  Tillman is originally from Southern California and her passion for athletic training started early in life as she followed in the footsteps of her older sister who was also a Certified Athletic Trainer. She is a proud member of the NATA and also serves as a member of the College and University of Athletic Trainers Committee.

Theresa Marcos, LAT, ATC – Nevada State Representative
Theresa Marcos, LAT, ATC, was born and raised in Las Vegas. IN 2018, she graduated from UNLV with her Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training. At Bishop Gorman High School, she primarily provides care to freshman football, soccer, volleyball, tennis and lacrosse student athletes under a contract with Select Physical Therapy.  Theresa plays indoor recreational soccer in her free time. She also enjoys spending time with her dog, Bebe, a toy poodle. She speaks Spanish and she is interested in bringing minority awareness in the athletic training profession.

As always, EDAC is looking for motivated, driven and committed members to get involved with our diversity initiatives. Those interested should email Chris Litt, M.Ed, ATC or contact your state representative to find out how you can become a member. Please be prepared to provide a letter of interest and resume (including NATA member number and NPI number).

Kara Radzak Ph.D., ATC

I am happy to announce that Sanam Rezazadeh has been selected to be the next Young Professionals’ Committee Chair for FWATA and to represent D8 on the NATA committee! Sanam has been an active member of D8 since she was a student in the district and many of you will probably recognize her smiling face from many a FWATA meeting registration tables. I know that Sanam will provide an energetic and fresh prospective to the YPC. Lastly, as I step down as chair, I just want to thank everyone on the committee and around FWATA who have help me during my time as chair.

The Mentorship Match Program is now up and running on Gather. The goal of the program is to connect ATs who are looking for a mentorship relationship and highlight the benefits of a mentor-mentee relationship in times of uncertainty. Visit Gather and sign up to be a mentor or mentee. Learn more about the Mentorship Match Program and how to access it in this new walkthrough video! 

NATA Young Professionals’ Committee Chair Blaise Kriley, ATC, hosted a Q&A session with NATA presidential candidates Kathy Dieringer, EdD, LAT, ATC, and Katie Walsh Flanagan, EdD, LAT, ATC.  See the YP focused interview at this link.

FWATA Managing Board and members would like to thank Kara for your years of service!


Mark D’Anza MEd, LAT, ATC

Hello everyone!  I am Mark D’Anza and I rolled on as the new chair for the Secondary School Athletic Trainers’ Committee (SSATC) in June.  First, I would like to thank Chase Paulson from California for his years of leadership as the previous committee chair and Ross Oshiro from Hawai’i who has been a long-time committee member and has decided to step away from that role.  Thank you both for your service to the Secondary School ATs of FWATA.

The SSATC has been busy and has a few things coming up.  An obvious concern for all ATs is the presence of the coronavirus and what it means for job status, return to activity, and return to competition.  The SSATC has provided documents specific to the setting that can all be found in the NATA SSATC social media outlets – @NATA_SSATC, SSATC.NATA (IG), NATA SECONDARY SCHOOL ATHLETIC TRAINER COMMITTEE (FB) and the SSATC page.  The NATA has housed a great collection of COVID-19 resources that can be found here.

The SSATC held a virtual townhall on 6/25 for ATs regarding COVID which was recorded and will be available on the NATA website.  We are planning similar events for administrators/coaches and parents. These are being planned to include national organizations such as NFHS to enhance our reach.

There will be a series of town halls available at the Virtual NATA convention and a new running series of talks coming up after to keep us in contact and talking as the year goes on.

The message board on the NATA website, Gather, will have a section dedicated to the Secondary School AT with topics updated regularly and is a great place to stimulate discussions and ask questions.

The At Your Own Risk website will be getting a small facelift and include some new video content for you.  Please share the website with students, coaches, administrators, parents, and any other stakeholders you can think of who may want to know more about what ATs are and the benefits we can provide.

I am excited to take on this new role and hope to represent you all in a positive way as we promote the profession.  Feel free to contact me at mark.j.danza@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.

Sean Rogers, DAT, ATC

Hello FWATA! While it’s unfortunate we are unable to see all of you in person at our annual meeting, as a committee we want to wish you all well during these times. In this special version of the newsletter we want to inform you of a few upcoming events, and existing resources, offered by our committee.

LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee Virtual Town Hall

If you plan on attending the VNATA meeting this year please join the LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee’s Virtual Townhall on Tuesday, July 14th from 2:45pm -4:45pm PDT (11:45am – 1:45pm HST)! During the townhall meeting we will update attendees on our committee’s progress, discuss new resources available, hold a question and answer session, and provide a space for networking and professional growth. All athletic trainers and students are welcome at this virtual townhall! More information on the townhall and how to access it can be found once you register for VNATA.

Professional Interest Group – Inclusion Newsletter

If you’re looking for more frequent resources from the LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee, please sign up for our national committee newsletter. This newsletter will provide you with the most up-to-date information from our committee regarding local programming in your area, resources, current projects, and mentoring/networking opportunities.

To sign up for this newsletter simply navigate to the sign-up webpage hosted by the NATA.

Pride Month: An Occasion to Celebrate

During this year’s Pride Month, we have something uniquely special to celebrate. On June 15th, 2020 the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the firing of an individual based on their sexual orientation or gender identity was unlawful. This ruling is truly monumental for the LGBTQ+ community, including Athletic Trainers, as it was previously acceptable to fire an employee solely because of their sexual orientation or gender identity in 27 states. If you’re interested in reading more about this ruling, and how significant it is for LGBTQ+ individuals, check out this article.

Safe Space Ally Training Workshops:

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 all our summer Safe Space Ally Training Workshops have been canceled. We will resume these in-person workshops throughout the FWATA when it’s safe again to do so. In the meantime if you’re looking to schedule one of these workshops for your clinic, classroom, or local area in the future please contact Sean Rogers (sean.rogers@csun.edu).

As always, please feel free to reach out to us if there’s anything we can do to help you. As a committee we’re here to support you in whatever way we can.

Wishing you all a safe and wonderful summer,

FWATA LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee

Jason McCamey, ATC

The Government Affairs Committee (GAC) is comprised of members with interest or expertise in state legislative or regulatory affairs and includes liaisons from the BOC and other committees. The group oversees the association’s governmental relations and regulatory efforts and advocates for regulation favorable to athletic training.

A large part of the GAC efforts to help state include grant funding. The NATA-GAC completed it’s review of 31 state’s discretionary grant applications totaling funding of more than $835,000, in addition to 6 matching grant requests.

State Updates:
Grant funding awarded $67,460.05

AB 2300:
– CA submitted amended language to the author of AB 2300.
– Anticipate the bill being amended to include athletic trainers to the list of healthcare professionals able to fill the role of required medical personnel on the sidelines of pop warner games when the bill is heard in the senate in mid-late July.
– They have the author’s commitment to amend the bill at the next opportunity.

AB 2410: Title Protection Bill
-CATA is NOT in favor of this bill in it’s current state.
-CA is working with the author to have him join us in our licensure bill.
-They have had a good meetings with him and had hoped to have an agreement with him by now, but the budget, COVID and rooting have consumed the legislative priority list.
– They believe that if he will come along as primary co-author it will help bring along the republican caucus.

AB 1665: AT Licensure Bill
– Author knows that Title Protection itself is not adequate for AT’s practicing in CA.
– This billwWill be heard mid-late July (likely July 20th or 27th).
– The author is staunchly in support of our bill and of licensure. so no registration nor title protection
– A decision on support from Cunningham will be made prior to AB1665’s hearing.

Grant funding awarded $12,412.50
No pressing legislative issues regarding the practice. Continuing to maintain a presence and build relationships with key legislators. Working hard to increase awareness and knowledge of the legislative process to members. Utilizing AT healthcare expertise to assist legislators with COVID related health legislation.

Grant funding awarded $0, no funds were requested.
The Nevada State Association of AT’s passed a law that changed the Nevada AT practice act by setting forth the requirement for the provision of dry needling.

Jason Bennett DA, ATC | CATA President

Our licensure bill, AB 1665 (Bonta), is scheduled to be heard within the Business and Professions committee within the state senate sometime in July. I feel we have even more groups than ever that support our view that licensure is absolutely necessary to protect the public by creating a scope of practice that allows athletic trainers to practice within the full range of their education and within multiple employment areas. Title protection is not enough. Thanks to our grassroots lobbying efforts over the years and the non-stop working of our Governmental Affairs Committee we have strong backing by the California Medical Association, California Interscholastic Federation, National Federation of State High School Association and hundreds of other influential groups. As always, this will be a fluid situation as we move through the senate, then to the house, and then to the Governor’s desk. At multiple steps along the way we will be asking for all of your help in writing letters of support, or calling/meeting with your state representatives. In addition, it is critical that we all ask others like parents, physicians, and employers for their support as well. Our collective voice can be very powerful.

Just over 4 months ago (though it feels like much longer) we held our annual symposium and hit-the-hill event in Sacramento.  We will be returning to the Embassy Suites on February 20-22, 2021. If you are interested in speaking at next year’s symposium, you can find our proposal form on our website and submit to our Clinical Symposium chair, Adam Cady, by August 3rd.

We’ve added some new faces to our managing board. We are excited to have Todd Conger as the new Region 5 director (Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino Counties), Sarah Goble as our chair-elect for Secondary Schools committee, and Tom Abdenour is our new Revenue Committee chairperson. In addition, Nick Harvey is our chair-elect for the Governmental Affairs Committee and Heather Harvey is the chair-elect for the Political Action Committee. All new officers will take over on January 1st, 2021. We also want to give our best wishes to Mike Martinez as he leaves our managing board and our state to pursue his PhD at Ball State University. Mike has been a great leader and we will miss his insight and passion for the profession.  We also welcome Dr. Ky Kugler as the president-elect and look forward to having him back on our managing board.

Tom Abdenour and Jaime Adams have created a new opportunity for those wishing to support Athletic Training.  We have partnered with a company to make a custom AT mask so you and your friends can support AT and also look good while adhering to our current state guidelines. While these are not medical grade masks, they do look cool so if you’re interested in purchasing a mask, this opportunity will only last until July 11th. We encourage you to share our social media links so everyone can ❤ AT. Check out our social media pages to follow the links to make your purchases.

Garvin Tsuji, MS, ATC | District 8 Representative

The Hawai’i Athletic Trainers’ Association (HATA) hopes that you are your families are well during the current pandemic. Congratulations to our State Leadership Forum (SLF) Committee on securing one of the grants from the State Advisory Committee, which was announced after the NATASLF. In consultation with the committee, the grant will be used to help fund a SLF program in 2021. On the scholarship front, HATA and the HATA Foundation provided a scholarship to a high school student from James Campbell HS, who was supervised by Gisele Rerolle, MS, ATC, worth $2000. HATA is currently evaluating plans to hold additional virtual CEU opportunities in the future and will have an announcement at a later date.

HATA is currently in the middle of our nomination period for officers, whose terms will begin on January 1st.  Members should have their email addresses updated in order to receive a ballot in the coming weeks as July is our election month.

Although all of us at HATA were looking forward to congregating in Kona, we hope that all of you remain healthy and keeping your spirits up.

Please visit our website and join our mailing list, while following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @hata_d8

Mike Sepiol LAT, ATC | NEVATA President

The Nevada Athletic Trainers’ Association has recently partnered up with and has been communicating with Washoe County School District, local Reno based athletic trainers, and The University of Nevada, Reno’s Athletic Research Coordinator to improve athletic training coverage for secondary schools in the northern part of Nevada.  Goals are to adequately staff athletic trainers in all high schools currently as there are increasing vacancies in those positions.  For schools that do not have athletic trainers present, we are working on creating pamphlets to put in state athletic packets to educate parents and athletic directors on the importance of proper medical care that athletic trainers offer student athletes to create awareness in the community.

NevATA has also been working with companies such as WorkRight NW and select physicians to incorporate athletic trainers into diverse settings for COVID-19 relief.  Opportunities have arisen for athletic trainers in Nevada to temporarily work in industrial settings, clinics, and other locations for patient screening and will hopefully manifest into further work in the future.

Elections for the Vice President for NevATA will take place starting July 15th electronically for the candidates that have shown interest.  Look in your emails for information on the election and how to vote!

 | District 8 Representatives

The mission of the ATs Care Committee is to assist, monitor and encourage ATs and AT students who have been through a critical incident to seek initial peer-support through state or regional ATs Care teams. Additionally, ATs Care offers crisis management training opportunities, through the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, to learn skills in supporting ATs who are dealing with the aftermath of a critical incident.

With the trying times of today, ATs Care has been working to provide support through District Call-In Events for membership regarding COVID-19 and tensions from Racial Inequality (in collaboration with EDAC). We have had an overwhelming positive response regarding the benefits from the events. Additional events are being scheduled; please follow our webpage for announcements and more info. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to ATs Care, if you are in need of any support during this time!

Emily Ghan | District 8 Representative

Turnover of district 8 NATA SLC representative – Outgoing D8 representative Caleb Rogers graduated from Cal Baptist and is hoping to practice athletic training at the high school level. Incoming representative Emily Gahn is in her 2nd year of the Master’s program at the University of the Pacific and is excited to be a part of an amazing group of students.

The mission of the Student Leadership Committee (SLC), is to represent and advocate for student, create and promote professional development opportunities, and encourage student engagement in the athletic training community.


  • Mentor/Mentee Match Program on Gather
    • NATA member benefit that we are working to perfect, the objective is to pair student Athletic Trainers or “mentees” with a more experienced licensed Athletic Trainer or “mentor”.  The program strives to facilitate professional connections and will match based on your needs.
  • Increase of collaboration with LGBTQ+, Young Professionals Committee and others.
  • Virtual NATA conference  July 13-16th
    • Free to ALL students as the NATA wants to make sure that AT students are taken care of during this hard time, educational content will be available on-demand through September 10th.

Melissa Montgomery PhD, ATC | District 8 Representative

The PDC has been hard at work to innovate methods to not only bring virtual continuing education opportunities to NATA members, but also to share information and resources to help everyone navigate the difficulties associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been collaborating with other NATA committees to ensure that we are providing support and services to members in all settings. Many of these resources are free to members, but don’t forget you have 10 free CEU credits you get with your NATA membership ($150 value!) for other programming!

I am also happy to share that I have been named the next chair of the Professional Development Committee by President Lindley. I will be shadowing for a year and then will lead the committee for 2 more. I am very humbled by this opportunity to represent District 8 in a leadership position at the national level and promise to do y’all proud!

Carolyn Peters MA, ATC | District 8 Representative

After surveying the leadership and approval by the NATA Board of Directors, the PRAT committee would like to remind all NATA members of the five core values: Compassion & Caring, Integrity, Respect, Competence, and Accountability.  The Professional Values Subcommittee of PRAT is working on attaching these values onto the current code of ethics.

Remember to tune in for the “Duty to Report” presentation during the virtual FWATA meeting.  This presentation aims to bring awareness and analysis relative to our responsibility to engage in professional self-regulation through our Duty to Report.

As it is our ethical duty to provide holistic care, please make sure you have an EAP for mental health that provides community health care resources.  Make a clear plan, identify the team and responsibilities, collaborate with risk management, and distribute your plan.

District 8 Representatives
Ky Kugler, EdD, ATC
Kavin Tsang PhD, ATC
Tom Abdenour DHSc ATC CES 

Welcome from your D8 NATA Foundation Representatives.  We hope that you are staying safe and coping with the challenges that go along with the different stages that are going on for return to work.  As you representatives, we would like to make you aware of a couple of exciting opportunities to support the NATA Research & Education Foundation and promote the profession.

However, first I would be remiss to not give a “shout out” to Kavin Tsang, PhD, ATC who has been your D8 representative for the past 4 years.  He did an awesome job for the Foundation and represented D8 as a Foundation Board of Director Chair tremendously.  The good news is that Kavin will continue as a member of the board in a newly created position as Vice President, Education & Professional Development Programs.  Congrats Kavin!  And Tom Abdenour, DHSc, ATC, CES will continue as an At-Large member on the Foundation Board.

Now for those opportunities – The very successful J&J Donate a Photo program is back up and running.  I know many of you have done this in the past and nothing has changed. It’s still as simple as point and shoot.  Or even easier, you can use an existing photo from your photo gallery, which might be more convenient.   Every dollar generated by every photo counts!  J&J Donate a Photo runs until September 15, 2020.  So, please send in your D8 photos and make an impact.  Please pass this along to friends, colleagues, family etc.  We’re in it together and this is a great and easy way to generate $15,000 for the Foundation.

Often times, NATA members ask what and how the NATA Research & Education Foundation contributes to our AT profession.  Attached is the 2019 Foundation Investor Report which provides a meaningful summary of the opportunities of and the impact that the Foundation makes to its mission of championing research, supporting education, and enhancing knowledge to optimize the clinical experiences and outcomes within the diverse patient populations served by the athletic training profession.  We hope you find this information valuable and agree the Foundation does and will continue to support our members and advance the profession.

We also want to highlight the Foundation’s presence and contributions to #VNATA2020, where over 100 research abstracts and presentations supported by the Foundation are included in the education program #VNATA2020… come check it out!

Stay healthy and safe,

Ky, Kavin & Tom

Stacey Ritter ATC | District 8 Representative

The NATA Political Action Committee (NATAPAC) is the sole federal PAC founded for and dedicated to being the voice and advocate of the athletic training profession. With many changes happening within our profession, it remains critical to maintain a presence on the federal level.

How you can help:
1. Sign up for automated monthly contributions. If just 10 NATA members donated just $10/month a year, that is $1200!
2. If you already have automated monthly donations, consider increasing the amount. For instance, if you did the “$8 for District 8” campaign, you can add just $2 per month.
3. Make a one-time donation, perhaps in honor of an AT you know that is no longer able to donate due to the pandemic.

The NATAPAC Board of Directors is very sensitive to financial hardship, loss of income or jobs that ATs are experiencing. If you are able, please consider donating on behalf of those who can’t. It is more important than ever to be heard politically at a national level.