Spring 2021 eNewsletter

This eNewsletter is published twice a year by the Far West Athletic Trainers’ Association for its members. For information contained in this newsletter or to submit articles/ideas, please contact the FWATA Newsletter Editor and District 8 Secretary, Cindy Clivio MEd, ATC at fwatasec@gmail.com

Lyn Nakagawa MS, ATC, CSCS

Aloha FWATA members and Happy National Athletic Training Month!

I cannot believe it has been a full year since the COVID-19 pandemic began and during this past year, many of our lives and roles as athletic trainers has drastically transformed and shifted.  It has been amazing to see athletic trainers serving on the front line of pandemic, finding ways to stay connected with our patients and athletes during times of shutdown, serving as COVID testing coordinators, all while continuing fulfill the normal responsibilities of our jobs.  While it has been challenging and emotionally and physically draining, I think it has propelled our profession forward and brought us closer as athletic trainers.  I truly believe that stakeholders, if they did not before, are starting to realize the importance of athletic trainers as part of the medical staff that directly impacts the health, safety, and wellbeing of our patients.  It has also been refreshing to see athletic trainers working together, supporting each other, and sharing ideas, which has enabled us to adapt and find ways to get things done.

As we approach the annual FWATA AMCS and NATA Clinical Symposia and AT Expo, I want to take the time to recognize members who have served our membership in various leadership roles, as well as welcome the individuals who will be stepping into these roles.  First, I’d like to thank Todd Hamburg who has served as FWATA Treasurer for the past 6 years.  Please help me welcome Garvin Tsuji who will begin his term as the next treasurer officially in June.  I’d also like to thank several FWATA Committee Chairs who are completing their terms- Jason McCamey (Governmental Affairs) and Juan Cuevas (Scholarships) as well as welcome Jamie Adams and Brenda Valdez Nava who are currently transitioning into these positions.

The 2021 FWATA AMCS will be virtual, and our AMCS Committee is diligently working to put together an awesome program for our members.  We do plan to hold a live business meeting at which we will be able to provide the membership with pertinent NATA, FWATA and State Association updates.  During this meeting, we will also need to vote on some NATA bylaw changes, which the Board of Directors approved last fall, and is now going to each District Meeting to be voted on by all NATA members.  Please read the attached memo which explains this process.  There are also three documents that the Board of Directors has prepared for your review, prior to voting at our FWATA Business Meeting.  Attached you will find a clean version of the proposed bylaws, a marked-up version of the bylaws that shows the deletions and additions specifically, and a documents which provides an appropriate rationale for each.

This spring, we will also need to hold an election for the next FWATA Secretary.  To be eligible, you must have previously served as a State or District Officer or as Chairperson of a state, district, or national committee or subcommittee for a period of not less than two years, and must have been served within the previous ten years.  If interested, please submit your letter of interest and vitae to Cindy Clivio at fwatasec@gmail.com by Friday, April 9, 2021.  Platforms will be presented at the FWATA business meeting, with elections to follow.  The Secretary Elect will shadow our current secretary for the next year, and take over at NATA in 2022.

I look forward to seeing you all in the near future, whether it is virtually at the FWATA AMCS or hopefully in person sometime soon.  Please do not ever hesitate to reach out to me should you have any questions, concerns, or just want to catch up.  I look forward to the time when we can all be together again, celebrating our accomplishments and recognizing our members for all their hard work and successes.  Take care and stay safe!

Cindy Clivio MEd, ATC

Thank you for being a member!! We know our membership is resilient and continues to provide quality healthcare for our patients. NATA and FWATA want our members to know that we are committed to supporting each of you and your professional interests. Membership with NATA continues to provide opportunities for

Professional Growth NATA strives to provide the powerful career resources you need to grow as an athletic trainer. From finding a job using the Career Center to advancing your education through professional development opportunities, NATA has the tools to help you succeed.

Support NATA is committed to providing members the same quality level of support that they give to their patients. These benefits are designed to equip athletic trainers with the tools they need in order to thrive in the profession.

Advocacy From hosting legislative boot camps for state leaders to meeting with congressional staff at Capitol Hill, NATA works tirelessly on behalf of ATs across the country to advocate for legislation that supports athletic training and athlete safety.

Connection Athletic trainers make up a tight-knit community, and a membership with NATA allows them to connect to each other through a multitude of opportunities, whether it be through a shared interest or similar circumstance.

We also know many members have or continue to struggle both professionally and financially since the pandemic began. If you or another Athletic Trainer you know is considering foregoing your membership because of hardship circumstances, please contact NATA Membership Services. They are working on providing multiple pathways to assist members through difficult times. We do not want to lose any of our members because we all are stronger together. Please contact them at membership@nata.org.

Todd Hamburg MS, LAT, ATC

I want to welcome Garvin Tsuji as the treasurer elect.  I also want to thank Dennis Goebel for all he does to help our scholarship program.  Our district is doing well financially and our investment account is doing well.

Ruem Malasarn MA, ATC

This is a virtual event that will launch on April 30, 2021. A total of 20 CEUs (15 Category A CEUs and 5 EBP CEUs) will be available. The 2021 FWATA AMCS will run from April 30 through June 13.

Cost of registration is $50.00.
Registration opens April 1, 2021.
For more information go to our website.

The 2021 FWATA Paul Schechter Memorial Scholarship Golf Tournament will run April 15, 2021 at the Desert Pine Golf Club in Las Vegas. For more information please visit or website.

Junior Domingo MS, ATC

We will be honoring our 2020 FWATA Award Winners during our Virtual Awards Banquet on Saturday, May 1st. Please join us as we celebrate our awardees.

Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Awardee


Hazel Ando, MS, ATC


“Hazel has devoted her life to serving others whether as an athletic trainer, a medical professional, an athletics administrator, a mentor, or a volunteer. Her life’s work has impacted thousands of people – student-athletes and colleagues alike.”
-Diane O’Brien
Executive Assistant to the Chancellor
University of California, Santa Barbara


Special Recognition Awardees

Mark D’Anza, MEd, LAT, ATC

“When I think of Mark and his dedication to athletic training, I often utilize the descriptive words passionate, hardworking, and a visionary … On top of his accomplishments, Mark still finds the time to be a leader of his peers.”
-Michael Sepiol, LAT, ATC
NvATA President




Leroy Heu, MA, ATC


“Only those who know how much must be done at our Annual Meeting are aware of how many things he handles without having to be directed. He has been a problem solver, an incredibly hard-working volunteer, and a great central pillar in our AMCS operation.”
-Ruem Malasarn
FWATA AMCS Committee Commissioner



Congratulations to Hazel Ando, Mark D’Anza, and Leroy Heu!

On behalf of the Honors and Awards Committee, I would like to thank those that submitted nominations for our FWATA awards. Also, thank you to the committee for dedicating their time.
Congratulations to our 2020 FWATA Award Winners!

Katie Risso MAT, ATC, CKTP

The National Athletic Training Month 2021 theme is “Essential to Health Care.” California, Nevada, Hawaii, Guam, and America Samoa are all participating in NATM 2021! FWATA encourages all ATs and students to continue to be involved in March. If you post your efforts on social media, don’t forget to tag us:

Twitter or Instagram: #NATM2021 @FWATAD8
Facebook: #NATM2021 @Far West Athletic Trainers’ Association

We hope you have been enjoying our content so far this month and encourage you to stay tuned for more fun and advocacy.


If you still want to get involved but aren’t sure where to start, there are resources for NATM available on the NATA website, including social media images, posters, stylebooks, and sample calendars. Link here.

Make sure you add contact@fwatad8.org to your contact list to review our monthly e-mail campaigns. If you ever have any questions, suggestions, or information to share please contact us on our website or at fwatad8@gmail.com.

Brenda Valdez Nava ATC

Hello everyone,

Hope this letter finds you well and in good health! I wanted to start this update by thanking our former Chair Juan Cuevas for his 4 years of great leadership and 8 years of excellent service within the Scholarships Committee. Juan has been a genuine light for many, a true advocate, and mentor for all students. I am beyond thankful and excited to pick up the baton and continue the great work and leadership on this wonderful committee.

I’ve been part of the Scholarships Committee since 2017 after my transition from NATA & FWATA SLC. I truly believe we have the amazing opportunity to reward and propel our current student excellence, and forthcoming successful clinicians, educators and researchers. The COVID-19 Pandemic has deterred paths and surged difficulties for many, but has also evoked a spirit of growth and resilience. Despite the change of course, students continue to overcome the odds and rise above circumstance. I firmly believe the recognition and reward of such dedication is not only financially instrumental in their educational journey, more so than ever, but also key in the cultivation of long-term leadership and strengthening of the profession from its roots.

Amidst these unprecedented times, the Scholarships Committee is excited to announce the opening of our 2021 FWATA Scholarship Application on March 1ST through April 3RD, 2021. Students will be able to access the application on the FWATA Scholarships Committee website, and see remainders on all FWATA social media platforms. In addition, FWATA Program Directors will receive email remainders throughout the application window. The committee anticipates a virtual ceremony to recognize the selected scholarship recipients at the end of April following our 2021 FWATA Virtual AMCS.

Lastly, on behalf of the Scholarships Committee, we would like to remember NATA & FWATA Hall of Famer, Lew Crowl. A true pioneer of our profession that created so many opportunities for athletic trainers and students over the years. We honor his legacy and wisdom by carrying on his service and awarding the FWATA Lew Crowl Scholarship in his memory.

Sincere regards,
Brenda Valdez Nava

Sara Williamson ATC

The FWATA COPA committee continues to look for members in the emerging settings to join our committee.  If you are involved with the military setting, performing arts, public safety, healthcare administration or private practice, please contact Sara Williamson at swilliamson@vallettaortho.com.  In NATA COPA news, we will be holding our inaugural stand alone conference March 26-27 that will address expert level content in regards to healthcare administration and physician practice.  Sessions will be available for an additional month following the conference and 11 CEUS will be awarded.  Please go to www.nata.org/nata-copa-con-2021 to register.

Michael Barreiro ATC

We are deeply saddened by the news of the passing of one of District 8’s greatest,

Lewis “Lew” Crowl. Lew was not only a pioneer for Athletic Training in our district but for our entire profession at a national level.

Lew was born and raised in the small town of Alliance, Ohio where he played football and dreamed of attending the Ohio State University. In his sophomore year at Ohio State, duty called and Lew joined the U.S. Navy and served active duty for four years where he met his wife Julie Crowl in 1953. Upon returning from post naval service, Lew returned to Ohio State with a new direction and a passion to pursue his dreams of becoming an athletic trainer and physical therapist. Beginning as a student athletic trainer, he completed his Masters of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy in 1959. In the early 1960s, Lew worked with Cramer Sports Medicine to develop a tenure Head Athletic Trainer position at Sacramento State University where he was employed for 9 years. Lew specifically mentioned that one night he had a dream of opening up his own private sports medicine practice. In 1969 he made one of Athletic Training’s most visionary move and manifested the first sports medicine clinic titled “Crowl Physical Therapy and Sports Injury Center Inc”. This clinic was the first of its kind in the entire country and his orthopedic team treated athletes of all kinds. The success of his business grew immensely that 4 separate locations were opened at one point in the Sacramento area.

Lew was honored to be selected as the US Olympic Athletic Trainer for the 1968 summer Olympics in Mexico City. He was also the Athletic Trainer for the 1972 winter games in Sapporo, Japan. Lew was inducted into the 1984 NATA Hall of Fame and in 1994, he was inducted into FWATA Hall of Fame. Lew was 89 years old a beloved father, grandfather, husband, and friend to many in our district.

As a committee we are so grateful to have been able to learn from Lew and we send our deepest condolences to the Crowl family. Lew’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to helping injured athletes makes his story truly one of a kind. His efforts will continue to inspire our committee as well as Athletic Trainers throughout the district and nation. A special tribute video will be presented to honor Lew at this year’s FWATA Virtual AMCS Awards Banquet. We welcome you to watch and hope to see you there!

Kevan Murgia and Caleb Rogers

The FWATA Student Leadership Committee’s main goal is to identify and address any and all issues and concerns pertinent to athletic training students in the collegiate and university setting. We have been hard at work to give students opportunities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We began a webinar series, in order to broaden knowledge for our students as well as bringing different viewpoints and settings. Our first webinar series featured Dr. Kristen Ross, who spoke on working in the performing arts and Lyn Nakagawa, who presented on how the pandemic played a role on her university and the protocols that were put in place. Our upcoming webinar on Sunday, March 28th, will feature Courtney Watson, who will present on the importance of mentorship in AT, as well as Jason Switzer, who will be speaking on working in the Olympics. All students are welcome, as we have reached out to districts and schools nationwide, in order to give students networking opportunities and spotlight our district. Check out our instagram page @fwslc8 for details on what students are doing in our district, including student spotlights, motivational Monday’s, and flashcard Friday’s!

Melissa Montgomery PhD, ATC

2021 Free Communications Program

Due to COVID-19’s effects on research productivity over the past year and hence abstract submissions, the R&G committee is taking a break from the Free Comm Program this year. We look forward to everyone being able to ramp their research back up soon and to share it next year in San Diego!

Open Call for R&G committee student member. The Research and Grants committee welcomes applications from post-professional (certified) students interested in serving on our committee. Responsibilities include participating in monthly conference calls, attending the FWATA Annual Meeting, and promoting District 8 R&G activity on social media. Benefits to you? Learn about scholarly activity (research methods, writing, the review process, etc.), networking with researchers across the district, and mentorship from committee members.

Interested District 8 members should submit a CV and letter of interest to R&G chair, Melissa Montgomery by April 1. Applications will be forwarded to the FWATA Managing Board for review and ultimate approval.

Brian Cable ATC

No updates.

Chris Litt, ATC

We invite you to join the FWATA Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee (EDAC) at our 1st Annual Town Hall Meeting on Saturday, May 1st 2021 from 11am-12pm (PST). There will be a social to follow immediately after the Town Hall.  Register here.

We look forward to seeing many of you there!!



Young Professionals Committee

Sanam Rezazadeh MS, ATC

The Young Professionals committee at the National level will be entering a re-structure coming this July 2021 and will be divided into two groups, the Early Professionals Committee (EPC) and the Career Advancement Committee (CAC). EPC will serve and represent the young professionals in their first six years of initial certification, while CAC will serve young professionals with 7-12 years of certification experience. Keep an eye out for a Facebook live event in May to discuss the changes in the committee structure. Follow our social media platforms to see changes within our District as well.

Mark D’Anza MEd, LAT, ATC

Welcome back to sports District 8!  Many of our secondary schools are gearing up again and I wish you all nothing but the best as you prepare your patients for competition.

The NATA SSATC will be hosting its first ever Secondary School Sessions CEU event.  This event will offer 9 CEUs for attendees that will all revolve around the secondary school setting.  The topics will include: Appropriate Care for the LGBTQ+ Patient, Supporting Mental Health in Student Athletes, The AT Role in Managing COVID-19 in Secondary Schools, and Diversity Equity and Inclusion in the Secondary School Setting.  The talks will take place on 4 consecutive Wednesday mornings beginning April 21st and will be available on demand after that.  The day after each lecture, there will be a live discussion/debriefing session with the speakers to answer questions.  More information can be found here.

The FWATA Secondary Schools Athletic Trainers’ Committee has been conducting monthly meet ups with guest speakers on the third Wednesday of each month at 8:00pm PT via Google Meet.  If you would like to join us for some AT talk and socialization, please email Mark D’Anza at mark.j.danza@gmail.com to be added to the SSATC mailing list.

Have a great day and stay healthy.  Please feel free to reach out to me with any concerns you may have.

Sean Rogers, DAT, ATC

Happy National Athletic Training Month from all of us with the FWATA LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee! In this month’s newsletter we would like to highlight some resources available to you as Athletic Trainers to help provide equitable care for transgender patients at all levels of athletic participation:

Considerations for Developing an Equitable Transgender Policy: This NATA news article outlines key factors and recommendations for developing an inclusive transgender participation policy.


Caring for Transgender Patients: This blog post provides an AT’s experience in caring for a transgender athlete and recommendations for improving care and inclusiveness.


Transgender Students: Participation in Schools Sports & Access to Facilities: This statement put out by the National Federation of State Highschool Associations outlines the importance and legal precedence of the inclusion on Transgender students in sports.


As always, we will continue to provide you with new resources in every newsletter. However, if you’re interested in getting the latest information when resources are released please sign up for our LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee newsletter! To do so click on the link below, input your information, and check the box for the ‘Inclusion’ newsletter!

LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee Newsletter: https://signup.e2ma.net/signup/1871106/1885471/

Wishing you all well

Jason McCamey, ATC


No updates.


Dr. Ky E. Kugler, ATC | CATA President

Wow, 2021 has gotten off to a busy start for all Athletic Trainers nationwide, and California is no different. As we celebrate National Athletic Training Month nationally, let us continue to focus and celebrate how California ATs are contributing to return to school, work, and play decisions at all levels/settings as California continues to open up after the year-long COVID-19 pandemic.   


In legislative news, the CATA is co-sponsoring, with Assembly Member Brian Maineschein and the Eric Paredes Saves a Life Foundation, new legislation. The bill is AB 856 – COVID-19 Youth Return to Physical Activity Information Act, which requires the CA Department of Education to post information on its website regarding COVID-19 health risks and guidance on how to (re)-engage children and adolescents into physical activity participation.  Thanks to Nick Harvey, Chair, and the Governmental Affairs Committee for leading the charge with this important legislation.  The GAC was ably assisted by our new lobbying firm of Gonzalez Governmental Consulting.  Welcome aboard GGC! 


The Legislative Action Team will continue serving our California grass toot efforts as we move forward during the next two-year legislative cycle for California AT licensure.  As strategy is developed to identify an appropriate author(s) and legislative timing, I encourage you to sign up for and engage in communications with your legislators by re-affirming or joining for the first time the LAT.  Contact Zachary Norton-Martinez, LAT Chair, LATchair@ca-at.org or https://forms/gle/jg4JLxbFPoQkRDkR9. 


Kudos to Adam Cady and the Clinical Symposium committee for their efforts with the VCATA Symposium held in mid-February 2021.  Over 450 attendees signed up for the two-day symposium, earning up to 13 CEUs and 2 EBP units.  If you didn’t attend, you can still as CEUS and viewing of the presentations are still available until 5/21/21.  Special thanks to Liana Groel, Registration Chair, for assisting with registration, CEU certificates and way too many other behind the scenes tasks to mention.   


The openings on the CATA Managing Board are still accepting applications until the April 1, 2021 deadline for Secretary, Treasurer, and Regional Directors for Regions 1 and 6.  If interested, please submit your letter of intent, resume, NPI & BOC numbers by the 4/1/2021 deadline to me at kekugler@chapman.edu. 


Finally, in keeping with the spirit of celebration and (re)-emergence towards the ‘new normal’, I want to give a shout out to our CATA Awards recipients for 2020:  Dr. Thomas Liu, MD, PhD, CATA State Recognition Award; Athletic Trainers Carmen Charleston, Mike Chisar, Andrew Paulin, Kristen Ross and Scott Sailor, CATA Special Service Award; AT Educators Drs. Denise Lebsack and Margo Greicar from SD State University and CATA Appreciation Awards for their service to the CATA – Mike Chisar (2012-2020), Mike Martinez (2014-2020), Heather Harvey (2017-2020), Nick Harvey (2016-2020) and of course Dr. Jason Bennett (past CATA President (2015-2020). 


Stay well, stay safe, get vaccinated and celebrate being a CA-AT in the ‘new normal’. 


Nikki Awaya MEd, ATC | District 8 Representative

Aloha from the Islands!

The Hawaii Athletic Trainers’ Association (HATA) just received great news that our previously scheduled meeting with Team Up for Sports Safety (TUFFS) Hawaii was given the green light to resume! The meeting aims to organize regional representatives of Hawaii to gather and discuss sports safety efforts that will further safeguard our student athletes. Since the planned meeting in April 2020 was postponed, we are eager to plan for an in-person meeting in either March or April 2022. We will be partnering up with the Korey Stringer Institute for this exciting endeavor!

HATA is in the midst of planning our annual state symposium, and the target date is slated for June 21, 2021. The education program is being finalized and it will be a virtual half day event.

Please visit our website at www.hawaiiata.org and join our mailing list and please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @hata_d8 for updates.

Mike Sepiol LAT, ATC | NEVATA President


The Nevada Athletic Trainers’ Association’s Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium is being held on October 29th, 2021; we are currently accepting speaker proposals!  If interested, please email nevadaathletictrainers@gmail.com for review.

Board Position Updates

The NevATA would like to congratulate Dustin Hopfe LAT, ATC for winning the vice-presidential election we held during November 2020.  He is the inaugural VP for our organization and brings a wealth of experience to the board having served as an athletic trainer in a multitude of settings.  He currently works as an assistant athletic trainer at the University of Nevada, Reno in athletics; he also serves as an athletic trainer in the Neuromechanics Lab at the university in which he serves as concussion management liaison and project coordinator for the RHI Concussion Study.

We are currently accepting LOI’s for Northern Nevada Representative, as our past board member, Chasity Chov, recently moved to Texas to work as an athletic trainer within the San Antonio Spurs organization.  Thank you for your service and leadership in Nevada, Chastity!

NATM 2021

As part of our National Athletic Training Month campaign, we are encouraging Nevada athletic trainers to recognize their successes within their practice and realm of sports medicine.  We encouraged members to ask clients, patients, athletes, and collaborating healthcare professionals to write praises, or send in videos on how athletic trainers have helped them throughout their care plan and share them to our social media platforms.  Our goal is to create a vast list of healthcare “wins” and promote within our organization as well as to the public to generate awareness of an athletic trainers’ scope in the community.

Furthermore, our organization is currently running an AT Spotlight campaign to acknowledge athletic trainers in various settings in the state of Nevada, as well as to educate our members, and the general public on how athletic trainers serve patients in our communities in multitude of healthcare and workplace settings.

Finally, the Nevada Athletic Trainers’ Association applied this year for a proclamation from Nevada Governor’s office to make March, “Athletic Training Month” in Nevada.  Our proclamation was approved and posted by the governor’s office and has been shared through our social media outlets while tagging government officials.

New Committees

The board recently approved of establishing a Nevada Young Professionals Committee, who will be chaired by UNLV Graduate, Yvonne Tapia; other committee members include Laura Girgash and Andrea Jervinis.  The goal of NevATA YP Committee is to align with FWATA, and provide members opportunities who are looking to expand their networks, discover mentorship, and offer career advice, among other reasons.  Nevada athletic trainers looking to join can email email Yvonne (Yvonne.tapia@unlv.edu ), Andrea (amsimich@gmail.com ) or Laura (lgirgash11@gmail.com).

University of Nevada Las Vegas Athletic Training Program

The Nevada Athletic Trainers’ Association and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’s Athletic Training Program is asking FWATA members for support, as Nevada is in jeopardy of losing their ONLY athletic training program come 2025 (The last undergraduate class will have been admitted starting in the Spring of 2022) due to University funding, among other reasons.  No other students can be admitted after that class’ start date due to the transition of all accredited athletic training programs into an entry level Master’s Degree Programs.  PLEASE SIGN AND PASS ALONG THIS PETITION to your peers (UNLV ATP Petition) to help support the continuation of an entry level Masters Program at UNLV.

ALSO PLEASE REVIEW AND SIGN this google document (UNLV ATP Preservation Efforts), created by UNLV ATP Alumni Dr. Kristen Ross and Yvonne Tapia LAT, ATC as another avenue for the preservation efforts of this amazing program.  These platforms can be integral in spreading the message to our peers and the public in generating some movement to get program approval.

 | District 8 Representatives

No updates.


Emily Ghan | District 8 Representative

No updates.


Tricia Kasamatsu | District 8 Representative

The Education Advancement Committee is excited to announce the upcoming Education Research Series. This virtual series has live presentations and will also be available on-demand. Topics include building a research plan, tips for transforming a manuscript to publication, and overcoming barriers to doing educational research. The early bird price is $30 for NATA members who register before April 7, with the possibility of earning up to 2.0 Category A CEU credits. More information and registration can be found at here.

Melissa Montgomery PhD, ATC | District 8 Representative

No updates.

Carolyn Peters MA, ATC | District 8 Representative

No updates.

District 8 Representatives
Ky Kugler, EdD, ATC
Kavin Tsang PhD, ATC
Tom Abdenour DHSc ATC CES 


The NATA Foundation Scholarship Program is one of the foundation’s most highly regarded and supported programs.  The NATA Foundation has awarded more than 3.58 million to 1,775 students prior to this year.  For 2021 another 65 scholarships were awarded with two District 8 recipients receiving scholarships.

Ms. Carolyn Peters from Carolina University (formerly Piedmont International University) was awarded the D8 Jack Rockwell Scholarship, where she is pursuing her doctoral degree and Ms. Melissa Ramos from Cal Baptist University was awarded the D8 Bill Chambers Scholarship.  Learn more here.

The Circle of Champions Program is another Foundation vehicle which sustains and expands AT research grants, while supporting the future of athletic training globally.

Specifically, the Circle of Champions involves a recurring monthly donation via your credit card and helps provide a steady, predictable source of unrestricted income for the NATA Foundation.  Any level of gifting is appreciated, and usually means only giving up one Starbuck’s coffee or Beverage of Choice a month.

As I noted in a recent FWATA eblast, the NATA District Chairs have been challenged by Mr. Brian Conway, NATA Foundation President to sign up 50 new COC members per district prior to the end of May at a $10/month donation level.  Are you willing to be one of 50 new members?  It’s really very easy – give something small up once a month to provide an educational opportunity to a young AT educator or aspiring AT researcher and feel good about yourself “paying it forward”.   Please remember that joining the Circle of Champions is completely voluntary and any gift no matter what the amount is appreciated.  Your instructions can be changed at any time.  So, join now and automate your gift here.

Ky, Kavin & Tom

Stacey Ritter ATC | District 8 Representative

No updates.