Fall 2018 eNewsletter

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Lyn Nakagawa MS, ATC, CSCS

Aloha! I am genuinely humbled and excited for this opportunity to serve as your District Director. We must first thank Carolyn Peters for her years of service and leadership she provided FWATA, and I sincerely appreciate her guidance that helped me understand some of the intricacies of this position. Continuing the momentum and great work that FWATA has been able to achieve under her leadership and other past District Directors, is one of my goals as I transition into this new role. I would also like to officially like to welcome Cindy Clivio, as District Secretary, and Celine Estrada, as the Student Leadership Committee Chair, to the FWATA Managing Board.

I feel the responsibility of a District Director is twofold. First, I believe my role is to support the members of FWATA, which entails building connections and relationships between members within the district. Having the comradery and rapport with other members would ensure that no athletic trainer ever feels isolated or without support and resources. I believe my second role is to represent District 8 on the NATA Board of Directors. FWATA is a great association and I am proud to have the opportunity to do so. Alongside the NATA Board of Directors, I hope we can continue to propel the profession and association in a positive direction as well as unify the NATA and its membership.

I cannot wait to see what the future holds for the NATA, FWATA, and athletic trainers across the globe. I am truly honored to be a part of this journey and look forward to representing FWATA and serving you, the membership. Please do not ever hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns or feedback, as I welcome to opportunity to hear from our members.

Cindy Clivio MEd, ATC

October begins NATA membership renewal season! Are you taking advantage of everything your NATA membership has to offer?

Member Renewal Details
All members of NATA who renew their 2019 membership receive free 10 free CEU credits ($150 value) to use in the Professional Development Center between February 2019 and December 31, 2019.
With 2019 being a reporting year this is a great benefit!!

Why Join/Renew?
A membership with NATA is the best way to connect with your fellow ATs, grow professionally and receive affordable educational tools to further your career. Our members enjoy many benefits:

2019 RENEWAL Opportunities
If you are planning on attending the 2019 NATA Clinical Symposia & AT Expo, you can prepay your registration fee with your dues and/or pay in installments. All members who renew between October 5, 2018 and October 14, 2018 can take advantage of the 5 installment payment option. More renewal options with other installment plans are available as well and will be announced when 2019 renewal opens in October 2018.

More information including information on the installment plan is available at https://www.nata.org/membership/about-membership

Ruem Malasarn MA, ATC

We look forward to seeing you all in San Diego for the 2019 FWATA Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium. This years meeting will be held from April 25-28 at the newly renovated Town and Country Resort and Convention Center. More details and information can be found here.

Junior Domingo MS, ATC

The FWATA Honors and Awards Committee would like to again congratulate our 2018 award winners:


Hall of Fame

  • Mike Chisar, MPT, ATC

Special Recognition Award:

  • Jamie Adams, MEd, ATC, CSCS
  • Dennis Goebel, MA, ATC
  • Garvin Tsuji, MS, ATC

As we recognize our past winners, it is time for us to begin thinking of those that we feel and know deserve an award. The nominations period will open on November 15 for Hall of Fame, Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer and Special Recognition Awards.

For more information, please visit: http://www.fwatad8.org/committees/honors-awards-committee/

Recognize our own!

Junior Domingo MS, ATC Honors and Awards Chair

Katie Risso MAT, ATC, CKTP

Our 2018 Summer Quarter Excellence in Athletic Training award winner is Liana Finer, ATC. Finer is the Athletic Trainer at Kailua High School in Kailua, Hawaii. Liana helped establish Kailua High School as a NATA 1st Team Safe Sports School. Her colleagues are always impressed with how Liana goes the extra mile in making sure her student athletes are well taken care of. Please join us in congratulating Liana on winning the Excellence in Athletic Training Award! Want to spotlight an Excellent Athletic Trainer you work with, mentor or admire? Just visit the FWATA website and submit your nomination.


Looking to stay current with everything going on in the District? Or want tell us what you are doing to promote the profession? Make sure you add contact@fwatad8.org to your contact list to review our monthly e-mail campaigns. If you ever have any questions, suggestions or information to share please CONTACT US on our website. There is so much more happening within the District and Nationally! Stay up to date in District 8.

Juan Cuevas ATC

No Updates.

Steve McCauley MHS, LAT, ATC, CSCS

The NATA Board of Directors approved a proposal for reorganizing the Committee on Practice Advancement and moving it to the Council on Practice Advancement (COPA) at the Board of Directors meeting in New Orleans in June. The new council is situated to better serve the NATA membership long term. It will address and support the many diverse job settings within athletic training, and it is positioned to offer the full support of NATA as we continue to see growth and opportunities as more employers realize the benefits ATs bring to their companies. 

The Council on Practice Advancement (COPA) has established ten sub-committees:

  • Physician Practice
  • Performing Arts
  • Health Care Administration
  • Occupational
  • Armed Forces
  • Public Safety
  • Rehabilitation Clinic (new)
  • Community Outreach (new)
  • Private and Emerging Setting (new)
  • Analytics and Outcomes (new)

By adding (new) sub-committees of Rehabilitation Clinic, Community Outreach, Private and Emerging Settings and Analytics and Outcomes, COPA can better represent these settings that have seen a significant growth during the past several years.

In other news…The Marine Corps will invest up to $8.6 million annually on experienced athletic trainers over the next four years. Ten of the trainers will hit the operating forces by the end of next month, said Col. Stephen Armes, director of the service’s Force Fitness Division.

Eventually, the three Marine expeditionary forces will each have 20 trainers assigned to them.

“The intent is to get them down as far as possible, at least to the regimental-group level and ideally down to the battalions,” Armes told Military.com in an interview here. “… If you look at a collegiate football game, the ATs are on the sidelines, they’re out at practice, they’re working with the athletes.”

Athletic trainers have been in place at the recruit depots for 15 years. From there, the program expanded to the follow-on schools of infantry as well as Officer Candidates School and The Basic School for officers.

Training and Education Command leaders have long wanted to push athletic trainers out to the operating forces after seeing the number of injured recruits who had to be sidelined during boot camp plummet with the introduction of sports medicine. When across-the-board spending cuts known as sequestration hit defense budgets in 2013, though, plans for expansion were left on the chopping block.

Now, the Marine Corps is taking a phased approach, approved by Commandant Gen. Robert Neller, to push the plan forward. The service will spend $1.3 million this fiscal year on the 10 athletic trainers, about $4.5 million in 2019 to bump the number to 33, and then $8.6 million a year from 2020 to 2022. That will bring the total number of trainers for the operating forces up to 66.

Armes and his team presented eight options to the commandant. The one Neller chose, he said, will “get them out to as many units as possible.”

The hope is that athletic trainers, combined with the new Marine force fitness instructors who develop unit physical training plans, can spot injury trends. Medical privacy laws can make tracking injuries difficult, Armes said.

Sarah Lyons MS, ATC, PES

We hope you enjoyed the new Hall of Fame booth at 2018 FWATA Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium.  If you currently have any antique athletic training memoribelia (modality units, athletic training medical bags, books etc.) please contact the History and Archives Commitee.

Celine Estrada ATC

Melissa Montgomery PhD, ATC

The Research and Grants committee is so proud of the quality of research activity that we saw in our district this past year. There’s a lot of good stuff going on out there and we want to encourage a banner number of submissions to our Research Grant competition and our Free Communications program this coming year. To that end, we are creating new materials to help clarify the grant and abstract preparation and submission process. Keep your eye out for these new materials!

We are also still accepting applications for a student member to our committee. Professional (bachelor’s or master’s) or Post-professional (master’s or doctoral) students are encouraged to apply. Duties involve participation in all aspects of committee work, including the free communications and grant programs, and attending committee meetings (online and in-person at the FWATA annual meeting). The student member can expect to provide valuable service to our district and also receive mentorship in the research and grants process. Research experience is not necessary but will be prioritized in the selection process. Please direct any questions or submit your CV and letter of interest to: Melissa Montgomery, PhD, ATC at memontgomery@fullerton.edu.

Brian Cable ATC

The FWATA CUAT participated in a teleconference call this month to address issues and concerns pertinent to athletic trainers in the collegiate and university setting. We are following the workings of the NATA’s Intercollegiate Council for Sports Medicine who are defining the best practices for Athletic Trainers working in the College/University setting.

Items that we discussed in our teleconference call included:

  • Committee membership make up. We have members representing NCAA D1, NCAA D2, NCAA D3, NAIA, Club Sports, and CCCAA/NJCAA members.
  • Membership also may include a representative from California, Hawaii, and Nevada. We are currently looking for a member to represent the State of Nevada on our committee.
  • A discussion was held on how to add a student member to our committee. It was suggested that we add a student that is enrolled in a CAATE Accredited Athletic Training Program within our District.

A dialogue on the NATA Member Statement regarding published August 17, 2018 by Jordan Grantham was held. Our committee feels strongly that Athletic Trainers should have unquestionable authority in making medical decisions for our patients. It is important that every Athletic Trainer understands the policies for the setting in which you are employed. Take the time to review the policies that are in place from your organization and analyze your institution to ensure that they are in compliance.

NCAA Athletics Health Care Administration Best Practices

NAIA Athletic Trainers’ Association

CCCAA Medical Policies

To find information about the FWATA CUAT please visit our webpage.

Maijah Williams LAT, ATC

EDAC recently had the opportunity to speak to a few students from DK Body International about working with women in sports. It was a great experience and the students were extremely interested in hearing about the athletic training profession. We look forward to working with them in the future. Within the next month EDAC will be hosting a service event at the Nevada Athletic Trainers’ Association Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV. If you plan on attending the meeting, please be on the lookout for the EDAC!

As always, EDAC is looking for motivated NATA members like yourself who are interested in getting involved with our initiatives. Please email will1410@unlv.nevada.edu if you would like more information on this great committee.

Kara Radzak Ph.D., ATC

No Updates.

Chase Paulson MS, ATC

It’s that time again for all Secondary School ATs to complete the KSI ATLAS Survey! This survey provides the most current and up-to-date data for your Athletic Training Location And Services. This survey can be found here.


Gatorade recognizes a certified Secondary School Athletic Trainer from each District who has made outstanding contributions in furthering their high school’s athletic training program or the overall profession of secondary school athletic training.  Gatorade Secondary School Athletic Trainer Award

Jason McCamey, ATC

Governmental Affairs is an area that each of us should invest some professional development time in. This effort helps to protect the consumer, protect us as qualified healthcare providers, ensure the continued advancement of our profession. I would like to urge each of you to identify and reach out to your GAC chair in your respective state and GET INVOLVED!!!

California just completed it’s most successful legislative effort on record! Their bill AB3110, started as a licensure bill and got modified into a hybrid-type registration bill with a scope of practice. This bill would have allowed AT’s in all current settings to continue practicing and would have given both consumers and AT’s the protections they have both been calling for for years. Unfortunately, This bill was held in Appropriations, just a couple steps away from the Governor’s desk! The CA GAC will continue with there mission again next year with renewed optimism due to this year’s momentum and some legislative changes from this year’s elections!

Hawaii just successfully completed an effort to repeal the a Sunset process for 2018, that would have eliminated their AT registration act. HR2062 passed and the registration act will be reenacted.

Nevada has no pressing legislative concerns at this time, but is actively working toward universal high school coverage with AT’s.

The NATAGAC is working through grant proposals now and will likely be funding nearly a half a million dollars to help ensure that each state can effectively manage their legislative needs.

*Please direct any legislative concerns, issues, or questions to your state representatives or to me personally.

California GAC Chair – Mike Chisar

Hawaii GAC Chair – Darryl Funai

Nevada GAC Chair – Steve McCauley

FWATA GAC Chair – Jason McCamey

Jason Bennett DA, ATC | CATA President

Our annual symposium will take place on February 23-25, 2019 in Sacramento. We will be returning to the Embassy Suites in downtown and hope many can join us for some excellent presentations, EBP sessions, and our annual Hit-the-Hill event on Monday. The feedback we received last year was extremely positive about the conference and certainly the free breakfast buffet and happy hour in the afternoon at the Embassy Suites was popular as well. Both our outgoing clinical symposium chair, Chris Ludwig, and our new incoming chair, Adam Cady, have been working together to ensure we will have excellent sessions (including EBP) for the upcoming year. We should have a tentative agenda and details on our webpage by early November.

Last year, our managing board approved adding a non-voting student member to our board to give us a fresh perspective. Upon recommendation from the FWATA Student Leadership Committee, I am pleased to announce that David Tapia from CSU Fullerton will be joining us for this academic year. If other students are interested in being involved, our Annual Symposium Committee is also looking for a student to join their committee as well. Interested students can contact Chris Ludwig at cludwig@pacific.edu and provide a letter of interest, resume, NPI number, and NATA membership number.

As many of you are aware, AB 3110 was held in the Appropriations Committee within the Senate and did not move forward to the Governor’s office. Despite our overwhelming efforts over the past two years, I’m sure many share in my disappointment with this result. While not the result we were hoping for, this is the furthest we’ve ever been with a licensure bill and our trajectory is still moving upward as AB 3110 laid the groundwork for future success. Huge thank you to our Governmental Affairs Committee of Mike Chisar, Gina Biviano, Jason McCamey, Lauren Forsyth, Mike West, Heather Harvey, Nick Harvey, Laura Jassowski, and Jamie Adams for their countless hours on our behalf. Some things that make me feel very positive for our next push towards state recognition include:

• Assemblyman Kevin Mullin (author of AB 3110), along with his staff, were very strong advocates for athletic trainers both during hearings and behind the scenes. Assemblyman Mullin is the Assembly Speaker pro Tem, which means he is the #2 officer in the Assembly, and we were told by multiple people how important having him as our author had been.

• The NATA and the BOC have been with us every step of the way. The NATA has fiscally supported our legislative efforts the last several years with sizeable grant awards to off-set our large costs. The BOC conducted a practice analysis for only those residents of California to support our sunrise efforts which outlined the need for regulation in the state. The NATA has also recently hired a full-time person specific for State Legislative Affairs which is extremely helpful.

• With AB 3110 we purposefully looked to build a coalition of supporters so that the legislature and the Governor would hear more voices than just our own on the importance of protecting the public. I am so pleased that, through the efforts of our GAC and CATA membership, we had over 40 groups write in support of our bill. Included in this group were the California Medical Association and the Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons of California, and having these strong medical groups support us is invaluable.

• Last, but certainly not least, is the collective efforts of our CATA membership. Through our Hit-the-Hill day at the capitol in February, to the countless visits to local legislator offices, our membership continues to impress me with their passion for our profession.

While the status of AB 3110 is disappointing news in the short-term, we are making significant progress towards our long-term goal by having more support than ever before in the media, legislature, coalition of supporting groups, and with our membership. Similar to rehabilitation of a patient, sometimes there are two steps forward followed by one step back. While frustrating to all of us who are results driven that this one step back requires us to begin anew next year, let us not forgot about all the positive steps we’ve taken this year as outlined above. Soon, we will have enough positive steps to cross the finish line and earn state licensure for athletic trainers.

Let’s keep moving forward together as athletic trainers by continuing to provide quality patient-care and demonstrating our value and worth to those around us.

Garvin Tsuji, MS, ATC | HATA President

Aloha from the Islands!

The Hawaii Athletic Trainers’ Association (HATA) received word in June that the legislature agreed with the findings of the state auditor and passed legislation that made the regulation of athletic training permanent in Hawaii. This event would not have been possible without the leadership of Darryl Funai, governmental affairs chair, and his committee that met regularly with legislators.
The Annual HATA Symposium was held on June 1-2 at McKinley High School and attended by 95 athletic trainers. Those who attended were able to attain both Category A and EBP ceu’s over the 2 day period.

In addition to the Symposium, HATA and the HATA Foundation partnered to hold a scholarship golf tournament on May 31st at Mililani Golf Course. The tournament consisted of a 4 person team that played a best ball format. Good food and prizes such as a TV, Compex units and autographed jerseys were enjoyed by all. Funds that were raised directly benefit the scholarship fund for the HATA Foundation.

Lastly, Congratulations to the following newly elected HATA Executive Board members, whose 2 year terms begin on January 1st.

  • President: Reid Takano
  • Vice President: Gally Carreira, Jr.
  • Secretary: Nikki Awaya
  • Treasurer: Leanna Goeckeritz
  • District Representative: Garvin Tsuji

Please visit our website at www.hawaiiata.org and join our mailing list, while following us on Facebook, Instagram @hata_d8 and Twitter @hata_d8

Mark D’Anza ATC | NEVATA President

Hello D8! We are trying to find ways to involve more members in both the Northern and Southern parts of our state. We have partnered with Girls on the Run and so far have volunteered at an event in Las Vegas in the spring. We will also be participating in more events in both Las Vegas and Reno later this fall. We are planning on adding new committees to our organization to allow more input from all our members. Our state meeting will be taking place at locations in Reno and Las Vegas with live streams of lectures between the two sites on October 26. We are also planning a bonus cadaver lab for members that are in Las Vegas on October 27. Overall we are trying to find ways to improve our education and interaction with each other while spreading the word about the uniqueness and excitement that comes with our profession. Enjoy the rest of fall everyone!

Sean Rogers, DAT, ATC and Mimi Nakajima, EdD, ATC

District 8 Representatives

Greetings! The NATA LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee is a brand new committee that was approved by the NATA Board of Directors in September of 2017, and became an official committee in October of 2017.

The mission of the LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee (LGBTQAC) is to advocate for an environment of inclusion, respect, equity and appreciation of differences in both athletic trainers and their diverse patient populations. The committee will identify, explore, address and provide educational resources regarding emerging topics and concerns relevant to diverse sexualities, gender identities and gender expressions within the profession and health care topics affecting patients in the LGBTQ+ community. Note: The plus sign represents diverse sexualities, gender identities and gender expressions which may not be explicitly included in the LGBTQ acronym.

The LGBTQ+ Advisory committee has received funding from NATA to offer a grant to fund one professional-level athletic training student to attend the upcoming 2019 iLead conference in January 25-26, 2019.

  • Any ATS enrolled in a CAATE accredited professional level athletic training program who champions inclusivity, has passion for advocacy, and has interest in the mission statement of the LGBTQ+AC is encouraged to apply.
  • Grant covers up to $1500 in costs associated with travel, lodging, registration, and meals.
  • The grant recipient will also become a student liaison to the LGBTQ+AC.
  • More information can be found at here.
  • Interested candidates should email completed application to Grant Coordinator Sean Rogers (sean.rogers@csun.edu) by October 1st, 2018.
  • If you’ve missed this round of grant applications, our committee will continue to offer this grant every year the iLead conference will be held (biennial).

We are also in the process of launching a Safe Space Allies Training, which will provide education on how to create a positive, trustworthy, and respectful clinic environment for LGBTQ+ community members, athletic trainers, and athletes. During the 2018 Joint Committee Meeting, the entire LGBTQ+AC underwent Safe Space Allies Training, which was a great experience for us all. Please be on a lookout when we launch this program!

Lastly, since we are a new committee, we are looking for those interested in joining us. The committee is available to NATA members, and we welcome everyone – including those who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community or as an ally. If you are interested in joining us, please email Sean at sean.rogers@csun.edu or Mimi at mimi.nakajima@csulb.edu.

You can also follow us on Twitter (@LGBTQNATA) to get the most recent updates and information!

Have a great rest of the 2018 year!!

Melissa Montgomery PHd, ATC | District 8 Representative

The PDC has been working hard to develop content to aid in athletic trainers’ continued professional development, including our traveling lecture series, certificate programs, and getting those who are already certified up to speed on the new 2020 curricular standards (e.g. IV’s, joint dislocation reduction, etc.). Since the majority of professional development programming has been offered in Texas and the east coast, I have been advocating for our district and requesting that we host PDC workshops here in D8. Hopefully this will give our district membership more options for professional development at a more reasonable cost.

As a reminder- the Athletic Training Educators’ Conference will be held in Grapevine, Texas at the Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center from February 14-17, 2019. This is the PDC’s big event so we’d love to see record attendance. You don’t have to be a professor to attend- all who educate are welcome!

Ky Kugler EdD, ATC | District 8 Representative

Often times, as members of the NATA we ask what we get for our dues, our research and education donations or our political contributions. Today, I’m happy to report that Senate 808, the Sports Medicine Licensure Clarity Act of 2017 introduced by Senator John Thune (R-SD) and Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) passed the US Senate and is scheduled to go back to the House of Representative to approve language changes and after HR approval, it will advance to the President for signature. S 808 provides legal protections for sports medicine professionals, such as athletic trainers, when traveling outside their primary state to care for student athletes. This has major impact on D8 and specifically the 3,000+ ATs in California.

This is a monumental feat for the NATAPAC, NATA and the government affairs team and the athletic training profession. And if that wasn’t enough, the Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) Act, HR 6199 passed the House July 2018 and is now moving on to the Senate with great momentum and bipartisan support.

Your voice is being heard at the federal level through the NATAPAC. The PAC Board of Directors is moving towards distributing the Contribution Committee’s recommendation of $45,500 for 53 federal legislators in their election/re-election campaigns for 2017-18. Now more than ever to we need your continued support. Join me today in making the AT profession have the available resources to support candidates for public office whose views and intentions align with our goals of enhancing health care for both our patients and ourselves as athletic trainers. Please go to https://www.natapac.org/how-to-contribute/ to learn how you can contribute.

Other highlights:
• Current NATAPAC funds total $320,000+. The highest PAC fund total ever.
• The NATAPAC Breakfast in New Orleans was attended by 289 guests and raisedclose to $14,450. Through additional speaker honorarium donations, registrationdonations, and PAC booth signups, approximately $21,000 was raised in NOLA.Thank you to all D8 members who stepped up.
• The new web and social media presence has been updated and created for allNATA members and the public. Please visit http://natapac.org/ for the new site.

Please stay tuned for some exciting ideas on how D8 can help grow the NATAPAC funds at the FWATA meeting in San Diego in April 2019. Ideas for the event are yet to be determined, but some under consideration include a beer/wine tasting “Raise the Glass Event” with fun, interactive games available.